Dr. H. P. “Mutt” Bozard, a longtime active member of our department died on July 17th.  He was a member for more than 30 years and served the last 16 of those as a Battalion Chief. Dr. Bozard enjoyed helping others and never sought recognition. After his death, his family established the H. P. “MUTT” BOZARD FIREFIGHTER ASSISTANCE FUND to serve the Clarendon County Firefighters and their families in times of hardship or necessity. At our annual Christmas Banquet his family, Lynne, Ashton, Bo and Amy, presented Chief Richbourg with a plaque in memory of Dr. Bozard. Any department member or their family who may have a need, or know of someone who does, is asked to please contact Chief Richbourg or Deputy Chief Johnson.  

[image_with_text image=”16658″]The Bozard Family presenting that plaque. (Pictured from left to right. Chief Frances Richboug, Ashton Bozard, Lynne Bozard, Amy Bozard, and Bo Bozard.)[/image_with_text]
[image_with_text image=”16656″]Chief Frances Richbourg displays the plaque to the crowd at the Awards Dinner.[/image_with_text]